Friday, May 15, 2015

Review with Parent Magazine giveaway: Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll

I received Bruno Barkster the Dog free to review.

Product Description:
Bruno Barkster is always busy chewin’!
Zubels hand knit dog for babies and toddlers is hand made using 100% cotton yarns and is a perfect toy for babies and toddlers.
Bruno Barkster is available as a 7-inch rattle, 12-inch plush toy and 24-inch plush toy.

My opinion:
Zubels dolls are so adorable! My plan was to give this Zubels doll to either my sister or one of my close friends because they are both pregnant right now. That plan didn't work out because as soon as my one year old saw it he wanted to play with it. At first I told my son the toy dog wasn't for him but since he really wanted it I let him keep the toy. My son loves it! I love that they are hand knit, eco friendly and super cute. 

Zubels also has sweaters, hats, and more. Here is an outfit and toy I would love for my son

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Giveaway until June 1, 2015
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