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The Red Sector Chronicles Book Blitz and Giveaway ends 12/1

The Red Sector Chronicles by Krystle Jones
(The Red Sector Chronicles Omnibus)
Genres: Dystopia, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

The strength of Sloane’s heart is about to be put to the ultimate test.

After the Eclipse – the night vampires began openly slaughtering human victims – everything changed. Out of fear, the government salvaged what remained of the human population and enclosed them in massive, security-laden cities called White Sectors, while marking the vampire infested territory as Red Sectors.

When seventeen-year-old Sloane McAllister’s twin brother disappears, she seems to be the only one who thinks he isn’t dead, and she vows to stop at nothing to find him. Gathering her courage, she braves the Red Sector to search for clues to his whereabouts. By chance, she encounters Aden, a handsome, charismatic vampire with a hidden agenda. He turns Sloane against her will and whisks her away to his underground city. Enemies quickly become friends as Sloane struggles against her attraction to Aden, and resists her growing loyalties to the creatures that ruined her life.

But the vampires themselves are the least of her problems. A war is brewing between the humans and vampires, along with a growing web of deceit and betrayal. And before it’s all over, loyalties will be tested, hearts will be broken, and no one’s lives will ever be the same.


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Dream Cast for The Red Sector Chronicles
By Krystle Jones

Sometimes when I write, I see certain actors or actresses for my characters, and sometimes I don’t. The Red Sector Chronicles has a large cast, and I can honestly say I see a mixture of both already-known people and unknowns for my characters. I’ll try to give you an idea of what they look like, in my mind, below. =) (FYI, due to copyright laws, I just listed the names of the actors and actresses rather than including pictures in the guest post.)
We’ll start with my MC and work our way through the supporting cast.
  • Sloane McAllister/Phoebe Tonkin: Seventeen-year-old headstrong and bold vampire hunter-turned-vampire. She can be pretty pigheaded sometimes, and she doesn’t take crap from anybody, but she still has a lot of heart. Why I picked Phoebe: I didn’t have a particular actress in mind when I pictured Sloane, but the more I see Phoebe (The Originals), the more I think she’d suit Sloane. Her skin would have to be a little bit darker, but she has the exotic look I pictured.
  • Aden Knight/Ashley Charles the II: Sloane’s main love interest. A mysterious, handsome vampire soldier Sloane meets in the Red Sector while looking for her brother. Why I picked Ashley: I had no clue who to pick for Aden. Then I came across a picture of Ashely on and I said, “That looks like Aden.” When I saw him in The White Queen, I thought to myself, “That could be Aden. The voice, those eyes, his look… give him some blonder hair, and that could be him.” Only not British, because Aden is an American. =P (Though I think he WOULD sound hot with a British accent.)
  • Leo Rinaldi/Adrian Grenier: Sloane’s hot-blooded best friend. Passionate and just as reckless as she is. Why I picked Adrian: This was the only other character besides Paris I saw a certain actor for. Adrian has the right look, though he’s a bit too old to play Leo now. (Leo’s around seventeen.)
  • Deyzre Drake/Yaya DaCosta: Somewhat vain yet smart vampire medical student. Has a habit of getting under Sloane’s skin. Why I picked Yaya: I’ll just admit, Dezyre would probably have to be an unknown if she were cast in real life. It was really hard to find someone who fit her image and could pull off her personality, but after seeing some clips of Yaya, I think she would suit her. She’s around my age, making a little too old for Dezyre, since she’s also supposed to be seventeen, but she has that refined look to her that I picture Dezyre having.
  • Paris De Lange/Kate Walsh: Paris is a brilliant French doctor whose sassy attitude often makes her butt heads with Sloane. Why I picked Kate: Paris was one of the few characters where I had a particular actress in mind while I was writing. I saw Kate Walsh, maybe because her hair color is so similar to Paris’. I also think she could pull off the classy, sophisticated air Paris has.
  • Rook/Jesse Williams II: Rook’s a talented soldier and a skilled fighter, but he’s a big teddy bear at heart. One of Sloane’s friends. Why I picked Jesse: I remember Jesse from Cabin in the Woods (WEIRD movie). I think he’d be able to pull off Rook’s softer nature, while at the same time making him seem tough.
  • Orion McAllister/Shiloh Fernandez: Orion is the twin brother Sloane goes looking for in the Red Sector. Why I picked Shiloh: I haven’t seen him in much, but I distinctly remember him in Red Riding Hood. He has a cunning look to him I think would suit Orion well, and I think he and Phoebe could pull off being related. As with Phoebe, though, I’d picture him with slightly darker skin.
  • General Minerva Frost/Meryl Streep: The cold ruler of the vampire Syndicate. Why I picked Meryl: She could rock this world. The frigidity she showed in The Devil Wears Prada would do Minerva a lot of justice. Plus, she’s one of my favorite actresses.
  • Mrs. Knight/Susanna Thompson: Aden’s gentle mother. She’s soft spoken, but not afraid to stand up for what is right. Why I picked Susanna: She just has that motherly air, and she looks almost exactly like how I pictured Mrs. Knight. How she plays Moira Queen in Arrow is pretty similar to how Mrs. Knight acts, though I would probably make her even a bit softer.
  • Arika Takihara/Arika Takarano: Another vampire hunter is a little too close to Leo for Sloane’s liking. Why I picked Arika: Okay, so Arika Takarano isn’t who I pictured playing Arika, but she is the inspiration for the character. She’s a talented singer, known for her complicated songs and elaborate wardrobes.

Krystle Jones was born and raised in the small, southern town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of hers. In addition to being a novelist, she is also an award-winning flutist, and moonlights as a voice actress. Her voice can be heard in the popular online game, Alice is Dead 3.

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