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Rowena's Revenge Book Review Giveaway

Title: ROWENA'S REVENGE (The Broadus Supernatural Society Series, #5)
 Author: Theresa Marguerite Hewitt 
Genre: Fiction | YA | Paranormal  
Expected Release Date: 10/31/13 

Rowena's life has never been easy. Being part Were and part Fae fire-starter she has learned to live a solitary life, depending only on her own instincts until one mistake throws her into danger. Now being chased by a psychopathic Warlock who is bound and determined to "own" her, Rowena must rely on her newly found mates and family. But is she ready to trust? Or will her damaged heart plunge her into darkness? 
Blaine is a strong wolf, wanting to protect his new mate with his life. When a new man comes into her life, he can't help but be jealous. Will it drive him into betrayal? Or will he accept their new life too late? 
Penton has lived hundreds of years looking for his mate. Now he's found her, but can he keep her safe long enough to get her back to Montana? 
Cearbhall is one of the last Dark Warlocks known in the world. He has been searching for centuries for the 'fire-heart' that will complete his prophecy, bringing the world to his feet. In Rowena, his dark, twisted mind finds it with just the hint of her blood left behind as she runs from federal forces. 
He will stop at nothing, killing everyone and everything in his path to have her for his own. He thinks nothing of leaving a path of destruction across the country in his wake to claim her. 
Will one of these three mates pay the ultimate price for love? Or will evil finally descend upon Broadus, Montana and The Big Sky Pack?
 Rowena's Revenge is book #5 but the only one I have read in this series. Since I did not start with book #1 I feel like I didn't get the chance to really get to know the characters especially Rowena. The story was good, the characters were okay, the sex was way too much! I would have preferred less sex in this book or a little less details at least. Rowena had two mates and I'm not sure how I feel about that, part of me wants to say "Go Rowena" and another part just says "NO, NO, NO!" I am so confused I really can't decide if I really like this book or I don't. I give this book 3 stars because even though I don't love it I definitely don't hate it, and it's a fast read so you can read it in a day if you have a few hours to just sit and read.

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Theresa Marguerite Hewitt is a very laid back person; enjoying the simpler things in life more than most sometimes. She grew up in a very, VERY small town in Central New York and she will always be a Redneck Woman.
She loves reading, writing, taking long pointless drives and long dusk time walks. Fall and winter are her favorite times of year and she spends more time outside then than in the summer. She loves hearing from fans and is not above fan-girling on those that show her tons of support.
She donates the profits from the Amazon sales of her military series, The Wakefield Romance Series, to various military charities including; Wounded Warrior Project, Red Circle Foundation, Boot Campaign and others.
She is addicted to the cheap-Harlequin romances you can pick up in most drug stores and cannot go in and out of a store without picking up at least one. She resides in Buffalo, NY with her boyfriend, two dogs and two cats.

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