Sunday, June 9, 2013

Refuge Book Review

by NG Osborne

On a dusty, sweltering night, Noor Khan, a beautiful, headstrong Afghan refugee, comes face-to-face with Charlie Matthews, a brash, young American aid worker. To Noor’s fury, Charlie breaks every cultural norm and pursues her. She wants nothing to do with him: her sole aim in life is to earn an overseas scholarship so she can escape the miseries of the refugee camps.

However when Noor’s brother threatens to marry her off, she is forced to seek refuge in Charlie’s home, of all places, and suddenly everything Noor believes in is put into question.

Set in the mystical and seething city of Peshawar, where no one is without an agenda and few can be trusted, Refuge is a timeless and unforgettable love story about the struggle for love and purpose in a cruel and cynical world.

My opinion
Noor Khan is a very strong smart independent woman but when her brother tries to force her to marry The Prince she decides to run away with her father and sister. They go stay with an American man that she just met and can't stand. As she gets to know him they fall in love and make plans together but nothing works out the way they want. In the end they don't get their happy ending. Honestly after reading this book I have no idea what to think. I do not know if I liked this book or if I didn't. The women in this story were treated horrible and were forced to marry men they didn't even know. I did like that it seemed really realistic though. But would I recommend this book? Yes I would because even if you don't believe in the same things or agree with other cultures it is always a good thing to at least learn about them.

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Genre – Literary Fiction / Romance

Rating – PG13

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