Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cloth diapers!

I decided to use cloth diapers before my son was born but i did not start using them until he was about two weeks. I have now been cloth diapering for about three and a half months. I'm not gonna lie yes it's a little bit of work but i think it is worth it. I do use disposable diapers at nighttime and sometimes for going out if i know i wont be home for at least a couple hours. When i started researching cloth diapers i was so confused. I didn't know anything about cloth diapers! What i decided to get were 24 prefolds 6 covers and a snappi from So far i love using cloth diapers but my son is getting too big for the prefolds so i will have to buy more soon and i want to try other kinds. I really want to try the new hiney lineys! I'm not sure what kind/brand i will try next but i'm exited to learn about and try more cloth diapers!

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