Friday, September 16, 2011

My Son Was Born!

He was born September 5 at 4:23 am. I  started feeling contractions around midnight but they felt different then when i had my daughter so i wasn't too sure that's what i was feeling. By 1 am they were stronger and at 2 am i woke my younger sister up and told her i was having contractions. she asked me if i was sure and i told her i don't know but i was feeling pain and it was only getting stronger and closer together so what else could it be. My sister said we should go to the hospital but i told her i wanted to wait. Around 2:30 am i agreed to go to the hospital because i felt like i couldn't take the pain anymore. My sister went to wake up our older sister and her boyfriend to tell them i was about to have the baby. My older sister asked if we were sure because that usually takes a long time. We woke up my daughter and my sisters started getting everything ready to go to the hospital while i was just walking around the house just bouncing and making weird noises. On the way to the hospital we tried to pick up my mom but no one answered the door. By 3:30 am i was in the hospital bed asking for pain medicine but the nurses told me i had to sign some papers first then they would put an iv in and give me something for the pain. They checked me and said i was already 8 cm dilated and called my doctor. After signing papers they finally gave me some pain medicine but told me that the only way to get rid of the pain was to push the baby out. The doctor got there and he broke my water and they put an oxygen mask on me and then they told me to push. I felt like i couldn't do it but somehow i did. At 4:23 am he was born. He was 19 inches and weighed 7 14. His birth was so different then my daughters. It was way more painful but also waaaaaaaay shorter. The pain medicine didn't even have time to help me at at because as soon as they gave it to me i had to start pushing. Everything happened so fast. One of the nurses even told me that i should go straight to the hospital as soon as i start feeling contractions next time. Hopefully i wont have to do that because i really want to have a water birth if i ever have another baby. For now I'm really happy to have my son and daughter.

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