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Character Interview with Giveaway: Blood Moon Magick by S.M. Blooding

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Detective Paige Whiskey has a lot on her plate. A gate to Hell is permanently seared into her soul and she has no way of controlling it. She let a psychotic serial killing demon free in exchange for Dexx’s life. Her sister is about to have a baby and a whole world of crazy has opened in the Whiskey household. And, if that wasn’t enough, she and Dexx are trying to figure out their relationship.
They’re about to discover a world that has been hidden from the Whiskeys. A world of shapeshifters, werewolves, and vampires. A world that was hidden to end a bloody war. A war between shifters and witches.
Paige has to make a decision. Solve this murder and start a war? Or ignore it and keep her family safe?
But when Dexx is bitten, all everything changes. War? Or love?
Why is nothing ever simple?

Releases June 8

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Welcome to our blog tour for Blood Moon Magick. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves. Today, we have Leslie Mooney-Whiskey, Paige’s sister, with us. Please help me welcome her.

**Leslie waves to the audience, slightly slouched, her hands clasped between her knees**

Frankie: You look a little nervous.

Leslie: **chuckles** I am. I’ve never really been outside of your head like this.

Frankie: Well, don’t worry. People aren’t going to eat you or anything.

Leslie: Oh, thank goodness.

Frankie: Let’s start with something simple. What was it like being in Blood Moon Magick?

Leslie: Well, I was pregnant through most of it, so it was pretty miserable.

Frankie **laugh**

Leslie: I love bringing children into this world, don’t get me wrong, but I’m done. I could really be done.

Frankie: You have a unique gift in this series when you’re pregnant. Why don’t you share that?

Leslie: **holds up finger and straightens in chair** That’s what makes being pregnant miserable. I inherit the gifts of my kids.

Frankie: Oh, dear.

Leslie: Yeah. When I was, I don’t know, six months pregnant with Mandy, I set fire to something. I don’t even remember. I think it was bills, or something. I freaked out. Went screamin’ to Grandma to see what was wrong with me.

Frankie: How many things did you set fire to?

Leslie: We’re lucky we didn’t have to rebuild the house.

Frankie: But that’s a pretty cool ability, right?

Leslie: You say that when you’re the hormonal, cranky woman who sets fire to anything when she’s pissed, cranky, or balling her eyes out. We had to replace most of the kitchen stuff, my desk, a pillow, and some of Tru’s wardrobe.

Frankie: He could use a wardrobe change anyway.

Leslie: What? You don’t like his wrinkled Burmuda shorts and holy t-shirts?

Frankie: **laughs** No. I love them.

Leslie: You lie. You lie.

Frankie: Did you enjoy being in the story at all?

Leslie: Oh, heck yeah. I got to learn so much about shape shifters and other things. That was amazing. Shape shifters are cool! Did you know that wolfsbane really works? But only on the ones that were born that way.

Frankie: Did not know that.

Leslie: I Google while you sleep.

Frankie: I often wonder how you pull up information I don’t know.

Leslie: **smug look** I also really enjoyed getting into those old books. Grimoires. They were neat. And I got to go back to college to see my buddy who could translate them for me. Oh, boy. Made me remember some good times. And made me feel old.

Frankie: You’re younger than me.

Leslie: I think you need to math some more.

Frankie: Math is not a verb.

Leslie: I don’t care. You and I are the same age, dear.

Frankie: Oh. So…

Leslie: Those conversations between you and Mr. Dork? Yeah. You’re not too old to have a baby.

Frankie: If I wanted.

Leslie: You should use that argument more, then.

**Frankie sticks out tongue**

**Leslie smiles smugly**

Frankie: Fine. What’s it like being a witch in this book?

Leslie: Um, it’s cool. The magick is just very earthy and helpful. I love the connection we have through the All Mother, though that seems to have gotten stronger all of a sudden and I’m not sure why. But I like it.

Frankie: What can you tell us about the future books?

Leslie: Just…wow. The story just keeps getting better and better as we go along. Everyone’s going off in their own different directions. We’re all growing, and the other witches? They’re crazy. Just crazy. You’re—not you, Frankie, because you wrote it, but the readers—are really going to love it. I know I do.

Frankie: Thanks, Les. And thank everyone else for being here. If you have any questions for Leslie, please contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments section of this post. And thank you to our wonderful host for letting us take over her blog. Everyone, blessed be and have a wonderful day! 

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