Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A few thoughts about The Good Dinosaur

This year I started taking my kids to the movies. Luckily I live in a town that still has a drive in theater since my kids are 2, 4, and 7. I think drive ins are the perfect theaters for small children because there's a chance they will be kind of noisy and you don't have to worry about bothering everyone, maybe just the people in the car next to you....

Now about The Good Dinosaur
I was very excited to get the chance to see The Good Dinosaur for free and in 3D! Since we were going to a regular movie theater I decided I would just take my two older children. My 4 year old loved it just because the movie has dinosaurs and he loves dinosaurs. He had fun watching the movie even though he refused to put on the 3D glasses. My 7 year old did wear her 3D glasses and she was excited to see her first 3D movie. My daughter's favorite part was when Arlo (the dinosaur) and Spot (the boy) were howling at the moon. Now my kids start howling randomly and then start laughing.

I thought The Good Dinosaur was a beautiful but also very simple story. Arlo gets lost, becomes friends with Spot, and then their adventure of finding their way home begins. My favorite scenes in the movie were the ones with the T-Rex family. They were not what I was expecting.... and I loved it!

A fantasy adventure story like this one is very simple for small children to love and understand. Also a great movie for adults like me!  If you've already seen it what did you think? If not do you plan to take your children to see The Good Dinosaur?

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