Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Review: Green Bird by Mark Ansel

Book Description:
When a little green bird living with his pink squirrel friend decides to find his real family, he ventures deep into the world to be reunited. The little green bird stumbles upon several different green creatures but none of them are birds.

As he grows tired from the journey, he takes a big nap, not knowing that a big green bird was sleeping above him. When the big green bird leaves in the morning, it leaves a big green feather behind, hoping that the two may be reunited again.

The little green bird doesn't care how long it'll take, he’s determined to find his family.

My opinion:
Green Bird is a cute adventure book for very small children. My children are 1,3, and 7 and they all loved it. My one year old especially seemed to enjoy it. I would show the pictures to my kids and ask them is this a bird? My one year old thought every little green thing was a bird! The pictures are adorable I think I loved the pictures even more than the story. There was no real ending so I'm guessing there will be more Green Bird adventures. I would give this book 4 stars.

Green Bird is 99 cents on Amazon

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