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Today and The Choice by Amanda Tru Book Reviews

I received a free ebook copy to review of Today and The Choice from the author.

Today (Yesterday #3)
by Amanda Tru

Book Description:
Hannah was supposed to get married. She was supposed to live happily ever after. And she was definitely NOT supposed to ever time travel again.

But when Hannah’s fairy tale turns into a nightmare, she discovers seemingly random events in the past have a deadly reality for the man she loves. She now must use what she learned to protect him from pursing a path that would cost him his life. But certain secrets may cause irreparable damage.

When tragedy strikes, will Hannah be able to face today with no happily ever after in sight?

My Opinion:
Seth and Hannah are finally married. While they are on their honeymoon Hannah steps out into the patio and  she is so happy everything seems perfect until she steps back into her room. Hannah has time traveled again! Hannah travels to one year back and finds out secrets from the past that make her worry that her husband might me in danger. Six months later things are not getting any better they actually get worse. Heartbroken she time travels to a year back again but this time is different because she stay stuck in the past for longer than usual. When she's finally back in her time she comes back with hope for her future. I loved this book! Seth and Hannah are wonderful characters it's hard not to fall in love with them. Poor Hannah I felt so bad for her. give this book 5 stars.



The Choice (Yesterday #4)
by Amanda Tru

Book Description:
If you could go back in time and save someone you loved, would you do it?

Hannah’s ability to time travel has always been something she feared. It was uncontrollable and came with life-threatening risks. However, when Hannah is unable to cope with grief, she decides to use that which had been her enemy. She is going to travel back in time to prevent the tragedy from ever happening.

Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan. Seth finds out about Hannah’s intentions and takes measures to protect her. But when they discover that the reality of history isn’t what it had appeared, a simple mission to save a life becomes much more complicated. Their intervention has now changed their own future and endangered many lives, including their own. Can they elude their enemies to find the vital evidence they need to fix the timeline? Or will Hannah’s choice have an even greater cost than she can imagine?

THE CHOICE is Book 4 in the YESTERDAY series.
While each book in this series has its own story, readers should start with Book 1, YESTERDAY, in order to fully understand and appreciate Hannah's journey.

  • YESTERDAY Book 1
  • THE LOCKET Book 2
  • TODAY Book 3
  • THE CHOICE Book 4
You can find my review for Book 1 and Book 2 here

My Opinion:
After loosing someone very important to her Hannah decides she will go back in time to prevent the accident from ever happening. Seth has figured out what she has been planning and knows he cannot stop her so he decides he will go with her. When she goes back to the past she realizes things did not happen the way it seemed. Now Hannah and Seth's lives are also in danger. Will saving the life of someone she loves mean another person she loves will have to die? I really hope not but I guess I won't know that until I read book 5. The ending is so sad but I'm also excited about the next book and can't wait to read it. I loved this book as much as I loved every other book in this series. The Choice is another 5 star book for me!



Amanda Tru


I want to thank Amanda Tru for the chance to read her books in the Yesterday series. 

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