Thursday, November 26, 2015

Book Review and Giveaway: Really Good F Words: Your Interactive Guide to Self-Care by Lorrie Forde

I received this book for free to review.

Really Good F Words: Your Interactive Guide to Self-Care 
by Lorrie Forde
Genre: Self-help

Book Description:

Where are you on your priority list? A key question in measuring self-care. Uncover your own customized strategies for moving further up that list as you bring this thought provoking and interactive book to life around your own kitchen table. Connect with friends and get your sense of self back with doable self-care strategies.

Author Lorrie Forde invites you to break all the old rules about not writing in books—this one is yours to write in, reflect back on, and share as you choose. Make it work for you! This is not another thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list. Let the pages do the work and before you know it, you’ll be laughing with friends, reconnecting with your passion, and the envy of your peers as you figure out what ‘feeds you’ and where your ‘weak spots’ are. How long will it take till you’re using “F” words all the time and your cookie jar is overflowing? Analogies like this cookie jar and using really good “F” words help us to laugh at reality and a little laughter really can make all the difference.

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My opinion:
I decided to read Really Good F Words because the title caught my attention, because it's a self-care book, and also because you can write on the pages. I thought writing on the pages would be fun but even though there are plenty of lines to write in I couldn't do it. I have a small notebook that I like to use to make notes in sometimes when I'm reading a book and I prefer to write in my notebook than on a book.

What I enjoyed most was reading the personal stories and all the quotes. I had to think about my answers to every single question but it's great when books really get you thinking. I didn't care for the group activities so I haven't done any. The good F words were repeated over and over so I think I know them now. Overall this book was okay and sometimes funny. The cookie analogy was a little confusing though because I just kept picturing chocolate chip cookies and it wasn't helping much....or was I supposed to just picture cookies. This book made me want cookies! But cookies are part of my self-care so I guess that's a good thing... I give this book 3 stars.

Author's Bio:

Lorrie Forde is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a grandma, and a friend. She learned the hard way that balance is her secret ingredient in the analogy of a full and healthy ‘cookie jar’.

During a twenty-five year career in post-secondary education and through her work as a professional Executive and Life Coach, Lorrie has gathered the research and the tools she needed to bring this book to life. “I believe everyone deserves to have a coach and this book was a way for me to make that possible. I invite my readers to have fun with the process and to trust that their answers will come—they always do.” Lorrie loves to fill her days with adventure and laughter. She enjoys her work and says, “I work hard but I work to live—I don’t live to work.”

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  1. Hi Joana,
    I agree, cookies are always a good thing! :) Really glad to hear that the book got you "thinking" as you made your way through some of the questions that focus on moving the reader in the direction of intentional self-care. Thanks for the review!
    Lorrie Forde